Kruse & Associates Court Reporting Services

Kruse & Associates Court Reporting Services

Fair Billing Process


Since its inception on August 1, 1993, Kruse & Associates, Ltd. has been a boutique, high-end provider of court reporting and legal support services to the Chicago legal market. Kruse & Associates, Ltd. was founded on the principle of "Bigger Isn't Always Better." Our business was built on the tradition of providing personalized service, with a focus on knowing our clients by name and understanding their needs.

Kruse & Associates, Ltd. strives to manage its client relationships with the utmost integrity by delivering high-quality transcripts produced by highly skilled court reporters utilizing fair billing practices. There's no hype, no gimmicks, and no middleman relationship (aka pesky salespeople who have never taken a deposition), to unnecessarily increase costs and decrease reporters' earnings.

Here at Kruse & Associates Ltd., we don't charge our clients for things they didn't order so we can line our pockets. You receive what you ask for and you pay accordingly. View our Fair Billing Process page to learn how to scrutinize your invoice and see if you're being cheated by the court reporting company you employ.

Our Court Reporter CredentialsMargie Kruse

CSR (Certified Shorthand Reporter)

RPR (Registered Professional Reporter)

CRR (Certified Realtime Reporter)

RMR (Registered Merit Reporter)

RDR (Registered Diplomat of Reporting)