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Fair and Ethical Court Reporting - Billing Process

Fair Billing Process


At Kruse & Associates, Ltd., we have a commitment to loyalty and fairness to both our staff of highly specialized court reporting professionals as well as our clients.

Because Kruse & Associates, Ltd. is governed by the ethics handed down by the National Court Reporters Association, and we just like to be honest and not second-guess our clients, here's what we won't do:

1. We won't bill you for the pages in your keyword index. Psssst. It's in your eTranscript program that we are charging you for. Some agencies play with that little sucker and give you fewer columns, creating more pages that you're paying for. We don't think that's nice.

2. We won't send your transcript out to a third-party to prepare a deposition summary or abstract. We're fairly confident your paralegal knows how to abstract and is more familiar with the issues in your case than a complete stranger in a foreign country, so we'll leave that one up to you. Also, a lot of our transcripts bear "highly confidential" designations and we take that seriously. So look at your bill and see if you don't feel a little violated knowing someone other than the court reporter read the transcript before you did and then charged you for it.

3. We won't be billing you for formatted files you never asked for in the first place. We are sure you'll let us know if and when you need your LEF or SBT file, or if you want it as a standard deliverable with all your transcripts. But we're not going to waste our time and your money jamming things down your throat you never asked for.

We think trust and respect are a mutual thing. We trust and respect you and we'd like to think you feel the same way about us. And when Kruse & Associates, Ltd. gives our word, we actually keep it.