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Court Reporting

Kruse & Associates, Ltd. understands our clients' needs and requirements. We have the most experienced court reporters in the Chicagoland area and offer exemplary service as well as integrity and discretion. We offer real-time reporters who report depositions, hearings, arbitrations and meetings worldwide:

1. Complimentary online scheduling as well as access to transcripts, exhibits and invoices, but you can still call us because we love to hear how you’re doing!

2. Experts in realtime, including LiveNote and Stream. Extra notebooks for you, and we’ll “hook you up.” And we’re not going to charge you for our notebook rental, as long as you don’t do something to it like that crazy gorilla in the old Samsonite commercial!

3. eTranscript and Bundle (if you’d stop ordering paper transcripts, you’d save. . .a bundle! Get it? Save a bundle on your bundle? GO GREEN!)

4. Gorgeous conference rooms because you’re worth it.

5. Production in Chicago, employing Chicagoans. Think about it. . .

6. Videography. We recommend Legal Visual Services. In fact, lots of agencies use them in Chicago but they pretend it’s their work. We don’t think that’s nice to do to our friends. We don’t take credit for and then charge for other people’s work. Ask for Kathleen, David or Laura. They’re great!


videoconferencingKruse & Associates, Ltd. offers videoconferencing. So you’ll be here when you can’t be there. It's convenient for taking depositions, witness preparation or attending meetings with people you can’t stand seeing in person. It’s a cost-efficient way of getting the job done, saving you on trains, planes, automobiles and hotels.

We have rates. Ask us. And they’re fair.